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Paper crafts: the giraffe marionette by ALEX toys

Looking for a way to spend quality time with your children? Creating together is a great pass time for an afternoon.

My son and I recently tried out a special kit designed for the creation of a marionette: a giraffe to be made out of cardboard tubes and cones.

Thanks to the joints created by these colorful forms, our giraffemarionette could move his legs and walk! It was really easy to put together because in the box, along with all the materials seen in the image below, there was an illustrated instruction manual. All we had to do was carefully follow the instructions and soon there after we were playing with our finished project.

Here are some pictures explaining the different steps:

The first thing we did was to decorate the cardboard cones and cylinders. My son was a real expert at this part of the project! 🙂 In a flash, he had already attached all the stickers made out of paper and felt.

Once the different pieces of cardboard were decorated, we united them using the string provided in the kit. The illustrated instructions included in the kit are really easy to follow. In this picture, you can see how we attached the tail to the body of the giraffe. The wooden stick allows you to move the giraffe’s back end.

After the tail and the body, we attached the neck with the head.

The last step was to add the four legs. During this step we had a harder time tying the string (it might be a little bit too short) but we fixed the problem by adding another short string! 😉

Here is our new friend the giraffe just we hung in my son’s bedroom. It is now ready to live loads of adventures at the hands of my little boy!

Here is where you can purchase the marionette kit

The kit is sold by Funlab (qui link)

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