Paper bead and Clay necklace

paperbead and sculpey necklace
During our week of summer camp dedicated to CLAY, we learned how to make all sorts of different beads. The easiest bead to build which is also really striking is a TWISTED ROPE BEAD. We had campers aged 5 to 10 and all of them were able to create the TWISTED ROPE BEAD. Together with our paper beads, these beads made for spetacular Paper bead and Clay necklaces.

You will need:
Paper beads (follow tutorial here)
Sculpey III
Cooking twine

Language development: colors, piece, roll, rope, twist, roll, back, thread, clay, paperbeads, necklace, knot

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Pick two strong colors.

Step 2: Roll out into long logs.

Step 3: Twist the two colors togther to form a rope.

Step 4: Roll into a bead – remember to leave a small hole in the center so that can be used as a bead. This is flat version of the bead. You can also wrap around a toothpick to create a rounder bead.

Step 5: Cook following instructions.

Step 6: Thread TWISTED ROPE BEADS onto kitchen twine alternating with the paper beads.

My favorite part about these necklaces is that they were all different – no two TWISTED ROPE BEADS were the same allowing all the kids to create their own version of this simple CLAY PROJECT.


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