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Open Box Toy Review: Sand Art Bottles by Melissa and Doug

One of the great things about the FunLab is that I get to “play” with the products we sell:)  This week I decided to open and try out one of the craft kits that we carry in our stores:  SAND ART BOTTLES.  This product, produced by Melissa and Doug, is a commercial version of a creative workshop that we held in our activity center two years ago.  I wanted to see if it was a good substitute for what FunLab had already proposed…

The kit is composed of:
a. three small plastic bottles and corks

b. three different tools

c. lots of bright colored sands

How to use the kit:
1. Pick a bottle and put the funnel into its mouth.

2. Pour in colored sand. HINT: You can use the funnel to add sand in a uniform layer or just a small area. This creates colorful effects!

3. Put in the cork. HINT: Fill the bottle with sand all the way up to the cork. This insures that the sand does not move around when handled by small hands.

I had a lot of fun playing while at work with this kit. I have two suggestions:

First: only use the funnel. The colored sand provided in the kit is just enough for the three bottles. You do not want to risk spillage when using the spoon.
Second: use super glue to glue the cork in place – avoid a potentially big mess:)

After I finished the project I realized that the plastic cover for the kit is the perfect work area. Any sand mess can easily be contained and reused!

Thumbs up for this clean and easy version of a FunLab workshop!

take care

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