Welcome to FunLab!

Here we are.  We made it.  Finally.  Our effort to bring creativity, color and fun to children through new products is up and going.

It all began during an afternoon of fun and entertainment.  Can you imagine two 4 year olds who play and have a good time for hours?  It is not easy to believe.  The game is so simple it is surprising.  All they have to is decorate and paint a pre-cut, foam crown. What is it called in Italian?  The answer is – “who knows you, can’t buy it here and if you could it would be so expensive…. I bring back suitcase loads of this stuff back from the United States”.

And here we are writing and sharing with you our adventure, hopefully a successful one.  We would like that you Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts can answer “where did you get this great stuff from?”  with “from FunLab!”

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