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NEW BFF: Sew a lama by JOUSTRA

I have had the SEW A LAMA kit by Joustra in my living room for some time. It took me a while to get myself organised and motivated to try it out. I have to admit that the SEW A LAMA kit was a pleasant surprise. First of all, the material that the body is made out of is really soft and snuggly – perfect for a new BFF. Second of all, there are good sized holes in the material of the face and the body which make for easy assembly even for smaller crafters. I made a short video of how we put it together because the instructions that come with the kit are quite minimal. If you watch the video you can see that it is really EASY to do! The lama has a small blanket to put on its back – you can use your imagination and decorate it however you would like!

Are you looking for other sewing ideas? The FunLab blog archive is full of original suggestions with different levels of difficulty:

1. EASY: in this kit by ALEX TOYS all you have to do is tie knots! Discover how easy it can be to create using this technique in a post written by Linda at Pane, Amore, Creatività: Create a mermaid blanket.
2. MEDIUM: in this kit by JOUSTRA you have all you need to create an adorable OWL. Priscilla and her little crafter over at THE FABRIC TALE have done a great little video showing how to put it together. Make sure you check it out.

Okay on to our new video for the SEW A LAMA kit. Try it out and send us pictures and we will post them!

I only listed two posts for sewing projects from our archive. I highly recommend to take a look at some of the older posts – there are a lot of great things that you can do at home with your young crafters. During the next weeks, I hope that we will start to be able to enjoy a little bit of relaxation in the quarantine rules but I have a feeling that we will still be spending a lot of time inside for the next months. The FunLab blog archive is a great place to look for ideas for spending quality time with your children!

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