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Nature Monoprinting using homemade gelatin plates

Nature Monoprinting
I usually try to design posts that are useful for teachers or have some educational value but not this time. NATURE MONOPRINTING USING DIY GELATIN PLATES is a post dedicated to having fun creating! I saw Gel Print plates by Gelli Arts the last time I was in one of my favorite craft stores in the States. However, I could not justify the cost or the room it would take in my suitcase. When I got back to Italy, I decided that it was a creative must for me and here is my attempt at NATURE MONOPRINTING with DYI GELATIN PLATES. I used material I can find here and not in premade in craft store..

You will need:
Gelatin powder
plastic cups with a diameter of around 4 cm
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes

Let’s get started:
The day before you want to do the project you need to make your gelatin plates. I followed the instructions on the gelatin package to make liquid gelatin. I then poured the liquid gelatin into the plastic cups until there was around 1,5cm. Let the liquid cool off and put in the refrigerator until the gelatin has set. You can then remove the gelatin plates from the plastic cups. Hint: I cut the cut down the side and popped the gelatin plate right out. Store the gelatin plate wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it.

I made a little video to show you how easy it is to use the gelatin plates in creating unique NATURE MONOPRINTS even if you are a complete novice. I made my plates small because I found that it was easier to control the amount of paint/leaves and get a good result.

I really enjoyed monoprinting. Layering the prints was so much fun and a little magical each time I lifted the paper off of the plate.
layering prints with gelatin plates

OK. I said that this post was about having fun but…. you could also teach negative and positive images in a really visual manner…

Have fun!

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