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MUMMIES!: a less than 5 minute Halloween craft

MUMMIES!: a less than 5 minute Halloween craft
Halloween is here! Looking for ideas for HALLOWEEN CRAFT projects? While I was looking through the FunLab archive for Halloween crafts the other afternoon, I rediscovered loads of great holiday ideas. I ran across so many cute projects that I decided to remake one. A couple of years a go we did a collaboration with Linda from Pane e Amore Creatività. She made these adorable little mummies and I decided that we REALLY needed some mummies for our Halloween evening. I had leftover cheese cloth (gauze) from the ghosts that we made last week and so here are our MUMMIES!: a less than 5 minute Halloween craft.

I love candy and what would Halloween be without a little bit of candy so I added candy hair to our MUMMIES! I am not sure how I am going to use my two little MUMMIES! but they might end up as part of a treasure hunt…

Rather that taking pictures I decided to make a REALLY short video to show how easy these little mummies are to make!

Happy Halloween


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