Mother’s Day craft using the ALEX Brands POM-TASSEL Kit

It is that time of year again – MOTHER’S DAY! This year TASSELS are SO in style. You can find them everywhere – hanging off of keychains, bags, necklaces. So how about making and giving MOM her own colorful tassel on the rapidly approaching big day? I looked around for an easy way to make tassels and then I realized that I already had one. The ALEX BRANDS Pom-tassel kit which Donatella used before Easter to make colorful pompom eggs which made things so much easier! Once again a FunLab ? on this ALEX BRANDs kit!

You will need:
colored buttons

Lets get started:
Step 1: Prepare your keychain by looping on a double piece of twine.

Step 2: Using the provided beading needle add buttons and beads to your keychain. Set aside.

Step 3: Decide what colors of yarn you want to use. I decided to go for two colors in my tassel. Thread through the key.

Step 4: Wrap around the two upright pieces on the machine. I tied it in place to make it easier.

Step 5: Start spinning! Keep going until the tassel has reached the desired fullness.

Step 6: Tie keychain twine onto one end of the tassel.

Step 7: Remove from the machine. Your tassel should look like this:

Step 8: Trim the loops on the end opposite of the keychain.

Try it out and send us your pictures!
Have fun

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