Mother’s day craft project – miniature woven basket

festa mamma cestino

Mother’s day is just around the corner and it is time to make something special for MOM! Inspired by the fantastic projects by Creative Jewish Mother we decided to turn a drinkable yogurt bottle into a miniature basket. I was worried about my little crafters getting bored with the weaving but the small size of the bottle meant that we whizzed through the weaving part of the project! Stay tuned to see what adorable felt flowers we will add to our MOTHER’s DAY present. FunLab crafters let’s get weaving!

You will need:
Small drinkable yogurt bottle (well washed)
hot glue

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Cut the bottle in half. Cut an odd number of slits lengthwise in the bottle.

Step 2: Weave yarn.

Step 3: Finish top with ribbon.

Step 4: Cut out a handle from the left over plastic from the bottle. Wrap with yarn.

Step 5: Finish ends of the handle with ribbon.

Step 6: Glue handle onto basket.

All done! Come back to see what we add to our basket!

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