Mother’s Day Craft – Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Mother’s Day is just two weeks away! I thought I would share this year’s Mother’s Day craft – an embroidered Lavender Sachet that we created together. As my children have grown I have come to realise that the true gift from them that I cherish is spending time together. So this year I wanted to share a Mother’s Day craft to do together with your little one. We used the embroidery kit from 4M and added a little scented treat to make it extra special. I have not embroidered for years so it was a lot of fun to rediscover this relaxing skill together. The lavender aroma will remind me of the sweet time we spent together!

Let’s get started!

The kit allows you to a make a little purse or a pillow – we wanted to add a fragrance so the pillow seemed like the best option. Easy illustrated instructions are perfect to help create the owl/butterfly shape. The kit also has great illustrations on how to create the different stitches!

After we created the butterfly and owl, we stitched the two images together with the “good” sides facing each other. We left a little section open so that we could turn the image right side out and stuff it.

We filled the pillow with the stuffing provided and lavender! And then we finished closing the top and our Embroidered lavender sachet was finished and ready to keep as a memory of the wonderful afternoon we spent together creating it!

Try it out this Mother’s Day craft – embroiled lavender sachet and send us pictures of how it turned out. If you are looking for other ideas for Mother’s Day crafts take a look at the FunLab archive!

Keep crafting


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