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Monster hideout for Tricera

Monster Hideout for Tricera

We have another car to test! My toy test desk received the Tricera model from the Extreme Action Mega Monster line by Road Rippers a couple of days ago. I was not sure how this one would go – the last two cars we tried out (Omni X and Turbo Panther) had radio commands with extremely cool features which kept us playing for hours. Watch the videos to see how we used them! This car, however, is from a different line by Nikko for younger children and has buttons instead of a radio command to activate its extra functions. While I was doubtful at first, we were almost immediately won over by the super monster features which include flashing eyes and a chomping mouth! In the end, we decided that we needed to make a monster hideout for Tricera. Read below to see how we did it.

Imagination and the box is all you need to make the monster hideout for Tricera!

When you open the box make sure you don’t destroy it! It will become part of the game of playing with your Tricera by Road Rippers. We decided to use a technique that we have used in the past to cover surfaces which have a slick finish – painting with paper. The great thing about this is that all you need is tissue paper and glue. We cut the paper into small squares before starting and diluted the glue with a little bit of water. Just paint a little glue onto the surface and then layer on a piece of tissue paper. A final coat of glue seals everything together!

Monster Hideout for Tricera

We added leaves using the same technique and the DANGER writing using stickers that I had in the craft desk.

Monster Hideout for Tricera

If you want to see how easy it is to complete make sure you watch our YouTube video. Remember to give us a like!

If you liked this idea for transforming a the packaging into part of the game make sure you watch this video!

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