Monster Hands by Héctor Serrano

I found this great package of tattoos when I was at home for Christmas and thought to myself, “Oh, these will make an innovative post for the blog”.  Then I got back to work and released that others had beaten me to the post and that my idea was not so innovative (including blog mamma, moms in the city and Mercatino dei Piccoli):).  The box of tattoos ended up being pushed to the bottom of my Mary Poppins bag of craft projects and forgotten about until the other afternoon when a group of 4 kids from 3 1/2 to 9 years of age were looking for something to do.

These are really easy to apply-just peel of the plastic backing, place image side down on a clean hand and wet the back for 30 seconds. Who hasn’t applied a tattoo so how difficult can these be? We actually had a good time putting these on (I have to admit that if there had been an extra I would have tattooed myself!) The one problem that we ran into was the fact that small hands don’t work all that well. It was almost impossible to line the tattoo up so that it would fit on the fingers. The 3 1/2 and 5 year sized hands did not work as can be seen below.

At first the little ones were a little bit disappointed but they got over it almost immediately and got busy playing.

So remember if you run across a package of these tattoos-lots of fun but better for a little bit older children!

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