Mini Origami hearts – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mini Origami hearts - Happy Valentine's Day!
My ultra-creative little sister gave me a beginners guide to hand lettering book last year for Christmas. I have to admit that I did not start right away – it looks so difficult that I was not sure I could do it. After around 6 months of watching tutorials on Instagram, I got up my courage and here is my first attempt at putting the tutorial book to good use! I made the Mini origami hearts by cutting a piece of standard origami paper into 4 equal parts.
Mini Origami hearts - Happy Valentine's Day!
Then I followed this great and easy video:

If you are thinking about trying out this great craft I suggest the book that I used Lettering for Beginners. There are loads of practice pages as well as sample wording/spacing that really helped to get a complete beginner like me up and going. My sister also gave a kit of amazing markers by Tombow which were loads of fun to use.

The mini origami hearts are a perfect addition for your last minute Valentine’s Day preparations!

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