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Mini Halloween WREATH!

Halloween Wreath
This adorable mini Halloween Wreath will add that spooky touch to your front door in the run up to Halloween. It has finally started to cool off in Milan and I am in the mood for HALLOWEEN and have started getting ready for our yearly Halloween party. Every year during the summer, I do a massive craft box cleaning. I ended up pulling out loads of never used accessories and decided that this year it all has to be used or NO MORE TRIPS TO THE CRAFT STORE. The styrofoam wreath that I used in this project had been in my craft box for a couple of years. At the end I really thrilled because I used an old accessory and now I have a cute addition to my Halloween decoration set.

I am always looking for a use for all the SIZZIX die cutters that I have collected over the years. The one that used to cut the bat and spiders is one of my all time favorites – ghosts, bats, pumpkins and spiders! All my best Halloween characters.

Let’s get crafting!

You will need:
Halloween shapes
Styrofoam wreath
Hot glue
Orange pompoms
Purple ribbon

Cover the styrofoam wreath form with twine.
wrap mini Halloween wreath with twine

Cover the top of the wreath with orange pompoms.
cover mini Halloween wreath with pompoms

Wrap the wreath with purple organza ribbon and add bats and spiders felt shapes.
finishing touches to the mini Halloween wreath


Our next post will extra spooky so stay tuned!

Have fun

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