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Merry Christmas to all our readers! I would like to take one minute to share the great projects that my daughter’s art teacher put together this year for Christmas. From a table centerpiece to holiday greetings, this year the projects show a level of creativity which I thought all craft lovers would appreciate. Thanks for all the hard work!

Christmas tree centerpiece:
Made out of air dry clay, green paint, a plastic plate and LOTS of glitter glue! 4 big stars and 10 smaller stars make up the tree – what a great idea! It would be cute make out of cookies:).

Christmas card:
This is a masterpiece of collage work! Colored paper, glue and lots of patience are all it takes.

Decorated Christmas bag:
A simple white paper shopping bag with colored paper and little bit of imagination is turned into the cutiest Frosty ever!

Thanks for following our blog this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Alison and Donatella

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