Marble CRAZE: if you can dip it you can marbelize it!

FunLab has organized marbelized projects in the past – shaving cream and concentrated watercolors are great fun (post)! And then I discovered the Easy Marble colors by Marabu and it was love at first dip:). The idea is simple, you need a water bath wide enough and deep enough for your piece to be dipped into to. Drop the colors on top, swirl and dip. You need to let your projects really dry but the end result is wonderful. The added bonus for the little crafters is that no two projects come out the same.

You will need:
white candles
glass jar
Easy Marble – Marabu

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Find a plastic container large enough to completely summerge the piece you want to marbelize. Fill with water.
Step 2: Drop different colors of the Easy Marble onto the surface of the water.
Step 3: Drag a toothpick through the color and swirl to great different effects.
Step 4: Dip your item. DO NOT HANDLE WHILE WET! Let dry completely.

I decided to marbelize little glass jars to decorate the house with for Christmas. Add a little candle and the votive comes to life!

The kids instead used white candles.

We hung our candles up so they would have time to completely dry. The kids were so excited to see their colorful candles drying that the urge to touch them was almost overwhelming!

Have fun

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