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Making an advent calendar with your kids

The advent calendar is a wonderful family tradition. Every year we prepare a new and unique advent calendar because alongside the excitement of finding a different present everyday there is the fun of making the calendar together!

This year’s calendar will be made up of lots of small paper stockings, that have been decorated with Christmas paper. When it is completed we will hang our calendar in the living room using a ribbon to hold it up and show off our numbered stockings.

You will need

In the creation of our advent calendar, we used simple materials that I already had at home:

brown package paper
red card stock
scrap Toga Christmas paper (you can also substitute with gift wrap)
ribbon and small Christmas ornaments
gold glitter glue (to write the numbers)
Craft glue

Let’s get started

Cut out 24 stocking out of the brown package paper and 24 stockings out of the red card stock.

Cut a small piece of ribbon and glue it between the two halves of the stocking.  Each stocking should have a brown and a red side.

Once you have glued your stocking together, decorate it with Christmas paper and small decorations.   

Write a number from 1 to 24 on each of the socks using gold glitter glue.

These are our first 12 stockings, during the next days we will add the 12 missing ones.

I alternated stocking colors:  the first stocking was decorated on the brown packing paper side and the second on the red card stock side…

What we will put in our stockings

In each of the stockings I will put a small toy:  some pieces of a wooden toy that I have divided during these days.  Due to the fact that the stocking is small, for bigger gifts or candies I suggest to put a small card in the stocking describing the contect and put the large packages to the side (it could become a sort of treasure hunt!)

Linda from Pane, amore e creatività

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