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Making a FAIRY!

Make a fairy

Let’s change gears and do something magical together! Tired of watching the news? Turn it off and make a FAIRY with your young crafter. Sometimes when I open a DIY craft kit I have to add all sorts of crafting tools that I already have at home to make it work like it should. NOT with the make a fairy kit by 4M. Literally everything that you need are in the box! Let me show you how we created BELLS – the flower fairy using the make a fairy kit.

Let’s get started making a fairy!

Even though my native language is English I decided to follow the ITALIAN instructions that included in the kit (after all the hard work in putting together this project I wanted to put it to the test). The first thing we needed to do was to create the hair of our new fairy. The back of the fairy’s head has two strips of veltro – this makes attaching the hair really easy. All you have to do is create the bundles of yarn and press onto the velcro! You had the hair is stages – in the video below you see me adding the bangs.

We continued to finished the hair and then added the dress. The great part about dressing the fairy is that it uses bioadhesive tape (ALSO INCLUDED IN THE KIT!!!). Once again following the step by step instructions you add the pieces of the dress using the tape. Watch the video to see how easy was to add the skirt.

Time to add the wings! The glossy wings needed to decorated with the pink silk! We cut out the shapes we wanted and glued onto the wings. The glue was included in the kit and easy to use. I put a piece of plastic from the packaging under the wings so that the glue would not dirty our work area. You can see it in the video – the glue will pass through the wings so take care.

We used the colored pencils included to add eyes and a happy smile. There is even a stencil to make this process easier – they really have thought of everything. The final step was to give our new fairy a name. If you know anything about me, you know I love flower and hearts. I wear flower shirts and fill my home will anything that blooms. How could we name her anything but BELLA – the flower fairy????

Look at the transformation!

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