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Every year at Carnivale the Internet is full of great ideas for homemade costumes that remind me of the costumes that my Mom used to make my brother and I for Halloween. Unfortunately, time never seems to be enough and year after year we end up with a store bought Disney princess dress or cowboy outfit. This year I decided that it was time to try one of the many “no sew” options available online. While looking at some of my favorite American blogs, I ran across the picture of an adorable no sew tutu that fit my requirements: cute but it did not need me to pull out my very dusty sewing machine. The ironic thing is that the idea originates from the Disney Family Fun site – Disney is everywhere!

It ended up being even easier than we expected! So much so that we decided that the tutu needed a matching wand.  This is a perfect last minute costume for those busy Mom’s out there like us.

You will need:
For tutu
10 meters 10 cm wide tulle ribbon (at least 10 meters-if you want to make a longer and fuller tutu you will need more)
1 meter 1,5 cm wide elastic
5 meters 1,25 cm wide fabric ribbon

Step 1: Measure your child’s waist. Cut a length of elastic a little bit longer than this measurement so that you can tie a knot thus closing the waist band of the tutu. Cut out as many 35 cm lengths of tulle ribbon as possible (we used blue). Cut a couple of 35 cm lengths of different colors of 1,25 cm wide fabric ribbon (we used pink and purple).

Step 2: Hook the elastic waist band around the back of a chair and tie the tulle ribbon onto the elastic. Continue until you have used all the ribbon and filled the entire waistband. Tie on the colored ribbons at regular intervals.

That is it! The tutu is completed. Have a little extra time? Try out the wand. We made a flower but the options are endless.  The wand project was inspired by a post on on this great site.
You will need:
For wand
wooden dowel
1,25 cm wide fabric ribbon
craft buttons and beads
scraps of yarn
pillow stuffing
fabric glue
thin ribbon
Step 1: Cover your wooden dowel with the fabric ribbon fixing it in place with fabric glue (we used purple). Set aside so that it can dry. Once dry: tie a 50 cm length of thin ribbon to one end. We put beads on the ends of the ribbon.  A recycling hint.  We did not have a wooden dowel at home so I cut off a piece of bamboo from my garden stuff. You know the bamboo poles that come with some plants? It is the perfect diameter for the wand!

Step 2: Draw two flowers on your main felt color (we used pink). Cut out. Draw two circles which will serve as the flower centers using another color of felt (we used blue). Assemble the front and back of the flower using the fabric glue to attach the different layers. We added a flower button as a decoration.

Step 3: This is the only sewing step in the entire project! I tried to hot glue the two pieces of felt (front and back of the flower) together but it was not the cute look I wanted to achieve. As an alternative, I stitched the felt together using left over colored yarn from another project. Remember to leave a small opening so that you can insert the pillow stuffing and then the stick.

Step 4: Use hot glue to hold the wand stick in place. Finish stitching.
Step 5: Tie your thin ribbon in a bow below the flower.

Time to head down to the piazza to show off your masterpiece. Even kitty wanted to get in on the action!

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