I LOVE MOM: Mother’s Day craft

I had been looking for a craft to make for Mother’s Day with the children in the FunLab English classes when a friend sent me a link to a video by Nailed It showing how to make an adorable Rose Heart. I decided to adapt it to big and little crafters – perfect low cost activity – if you are going to use the activity in an English class print the flashcards for vocabulary development.

You will need:
Green straws
Washi tape
Mixed colors origami paper
Heavy white paper
Activity Flashcards

Vocabulary development: bee,flower, heart, straw, tape, to cut, to fold, scissors, black, yellow, leaf, glue, wings, eyes and paper clip

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Prepare your material. For children under the age of 8, the origami is a little too complicated. Prepare the two sizes of heart flowers before class so that they can assemble the Mother’s Day card. For children 8 years old and older, have them make their own origami heart flowers! The small flower is made using the same method – just divide a sheet of origami paper into 4 equal pieces.

Follow this short video:

insert video

Step 2: Glue the smaller flower on the inside of the flower and draw and heart and the writing “I love Mom” or “I love you”.

Step 3: Tape onto a green straw.

Step 4: Cut out green leaves with a long stem and tape onto the straw. Draw veins on the leaves with a green marker.

Step 5: Draw a bee shape on heavy white card stock (or use a bee die cutter). Color yellow and black.

Step 6: Place a piece of washi tape in between the prongs of a paper clip and tape onto the back of the bee. Use the clip to attach the bee to the flower and hold it closed.

The activity should take between 30 to 45 minutes. Use the rest of the class playing games with the new vocabulary!

Have fun

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