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Love is in the air with Mini Pottery!

Love is in the air!

Have you ever used a pottery wheel? Over the Christmas holidays we tried out the new Mini Pottery Wheel by Make it Real! We had so much fun that we decided to use our mini pottery vases to celebrate Valentine’s Day – Love is in the air with Mini Pottery! The kit comes with great instructions to help you set up the wheel.

The first step is to load the wheel with air dry clay using the tools provided in the kit.

After you have gently packed down the air dry clay, it is time to remove the plastic case.

We decided to make a mini air dry pottery piece using the “free hand” method but there are also useful guides in the kit that help make a specific shape pot.

Here is our finished piece!

We made 3D origami hearts using an easy tutorial on YouTube.

The kit comes with acrylic paint that gives your air dry mini pottery a glossy look!

We are ready for Valentine’s Day with our Love is in the air – mini pottery! I know that Valentine’s Day is not big in Italy but are you doing some special crafting? let us know!

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