Language through Art: experiment in progress

Language through Art comes to the FunLab summer camp. Developed at the Paul Getty Museum in Los Anglese, the Language Through Art curriculum is based on a simple approach: “objects as a catalyst to enhance language skills, develop new vocabulary, and expose diverse visitors to a variety of world cultures and experiences”.

During the academic school year, we at FunLab endorse the Jolly Phonics method to teach Italian children to read and write in English. During the summer, however, we are always looking for new stimulating ways to promote the bilingual process. When I discovered the Language through Art curriculum it seemed just right for us!

The first artist we used was Wassily Kandinsky, the Russian pioneer in asbtract art. I picked three of his works “Squares with concentric Circles“, “Colorweaver” and “Composition viii“. The kids spent time observing, talking about and then recreating FunLab style these classic pieces. A great way to learn geometric shapes, colors and more!

Here is how we recreated “Squares with concentric circles”.

We cut out various sized circles and squares from felt in advance.

The kids assembled their own version of the Kandinksy masterpiece experimenting with colors and sizes by adding layers of circles onto a felt square.

We then then glued everything together and mounted our felt creation on a piece of painted cardboard and our artwork was done.

Our summer program is dedicated to exploring the worlds of Ted Harrison, Jackson Pollock and many more inspiring artists – Language through Art – only at FunLab Workshop!
Stay tuned for updates.

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