Knock ’em down with FROGGY BOWLING!

Ever since Ideamamma’s post dedicated to these great Foamies frog kits I have wanted to use them in a project. The other afternoon I was looking at the mountain of plastic bottles that we collect for craft projects and a little light bulb went off in my head. If ALEX toys can do Wacky Bowling, why not make a Froggy Bowling set for the little kids who participate in our Time for Babies sessions? I assembled the frogs by myself because I used the hot glue gun but Tom got a kick out of filling the plastic bottles with beans.

You will need:

Foamies Frog Kits Hot glue gun Plastic bottles
Felt scraps Beans/rice Ribbon

Step 1: I used plastic 1L fresh milk bottles. Therefore, the first step is to rinse the bottles and let them completely dry.
Step 2: Fill the bottle with around 3cm of beans or rice (Don’t overfill. I learned this the hard way. I filled bottles with around 8cm of beans and they were almost impossible to knock over! Even though the kids had fun trying).
Step 3: Use the bottom of the bottle to trace a circle on the felt scraps. Cut out and glue to the bottle of the bottle.

Step 4: Cut out a square that is large enough to cover the top. I used a ribbon to tie it on and hide the bottle top.

Step 5: Assemble your frogs. I used a hot glue gun because I knew that they would be getting a lot of abuse but you can also use Foamies glue. I found it helped to place the pieces where I wanted them and then glue the pieces together one at a time.

Step 6: Glue the frogs to the front of the bottles.

Line them up and let the kids knock them down!

The observant out there will notice that I did not draw on a happy smile – I was not that the frogs were so happy about being knocked down!

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