Klimt inspired “Glittering Tree”

During our week dedicated to Gustav Klimt, we explored his golden period by creating our own version of his 1905 “Tree of Life“. This was a perfect piece for the FunLab language throught art program as the image itself is rich with potentially new vocabulary!

You will need:
Black paper
Metallic markers

Language development: tree, life, trunk, branches, swirl, outline, circle, oval, square, rectangle, gold, metallic, contrast, black,

Let’s get started:

Step 1: After showing the kids the original piece, spend some time talking about the symbolism behind the image. Then have them draw a simple version of the tree on black paper using a white pencil.

Step 2: Get coloring with gold markers.
example gold tree

Step 3: Add geometric shapes to create a Klimt like effect.

Student Art:

Have fun

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