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Keychains for Valentine’s Day using HEISH BEADS

Keychains for Valentine's Day using Heishi Beads

Here we are in 2022! I hope all the FunLab readers have had a wonderful holiday season. We are getting our crafts ready for our next big holiday – Valentine’s Day! It seems perfect that I introduce a new craft material that I am in love with – HEISHI BEADS. So, now you are wondering HEISHI BEADS?? You know the flat, colourful beads that you can find in all the teen clothing shops in the accessory section. Yeah! Flat beads are HEISHI BEADS. So much fun. I loved them so much that I wanted to share our newest adventure – making keychains for Valentine’s Day using HEISHI BEADS! We used the HEISHI BEADS made by Make It Real – maybe one of the reasons that I love these beads so much is the awesome box they come it. No messes! You will also need pipe cleaners and keychain accessories which are not included in the kit. I got ours from my enormous stock of craft material but you can find them easily online.

Let’s get started on our keychains for Valentine’s Day!

I cut the pipe cleaner in half, otherwise the heart was too large for our Valentine’s Day project. All you have to do is decide the color pattern that you want to follow and slide the beads onto the pipe cleaner until it is full. Leave a little room at the two ends so that you can close the heart.

Keychains for Valentin's Day using HEISHI BEADS

Then I shaped the Heishi beaded pipe cleaner into the form of a heart. The last step is to cut off the excess pipe cleaner.

Keychains for Valentine's Day using HEISHI BEADS

I added large jump rings to my keychain in order to add both of the HEISHI bead hearts!

Keychains for Valentines's day using HEISHI BEADS

Watch the video!

Want to watch the video to see how easy it is and the awesome organiser the beads come in? Watch it and give us a like (please!).

The kit that I used also comes with some charms and all the is needed to make jewellery but I loved the idea of thinking outside the box and using these beads for other crafting projects – hence the creation of our keychains for Valentine’s Day using HEISHI BEADS. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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