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#iorestoacasa – make fashionable and trendy pins!

I am writing this on the 16th of March 2020 – a historic date. We are starting the 4th week of nationally imposed house quarantine to fight against the spread of the COVID19 epidemic.

While house quarantine is an essential part of dealing with the epidemic, it has been really hard on families. This is true for children and Moms alike. The days have become really long. In order to support the #iorestoacasa movement and keep our followers busy we decided to add our own twist- #iorestoacasa CREANDO! Hopefully our creative projects will help kids who have massive cabin fever to have a good time AT HOME.

Today I thought we could review a creative kit by LENA – low cost and lots of fun for kids over 8 years of age – Make trendy button style pins by LENA. Make your own pins to dress up your backpacks and jackets. This project ended up being so easy that we made a couple of our own design.

The kit includes fabric, two pieces of the pins and a handy tool that helps you to assemble your OWN BUTTON PIN.

We also made a short video which shows how easy it is to do. The kit also comes with illustrated instructions which are really clear and easy to follow!

Keep crafting and keep safe!

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