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Introducing Laura Pasi – a new addition to the FunLab team!

It is time to head back to school which means: new backpacks, notebooks, pencil cases and pencils… how about we recycle something?
Organizing and putting away all the new things, I ending up tossing an old plastic pencil holder that was a little bit broken. Instead of buying a new one, I decided to transform a tin can that was also heading for the trash. I like to recycle objects by coloring them and reinventing them in new forms…
This is how a can peas become a cat pencil holder, but it could also have just as easily become a zebra pencil holder or any other animal.
One piece of advice: to remove traces of glue from the tin can, boil some water and then pour it into the can. After a minute or two you can remove all the residues of glue by rubbing with a paper towel. This system works really well but becareful to not burn yourself!
Together with your kids paint the tin can your favorite color using acrylic paint and a flat brush. If the top of the can is sharp, cover it with colored tape. After the paint is dry, cut card stock into the shape of your favorite animal and using craft glue paste the pieces on the can. Let the kids create eyes, a nose and a mouth using pieces of paper and markers. They will be really pleased with the results of their hard work!
I hope you like this simple idea and thank Alison and Donatella for the space they have given me on their blog. If you liked this one stay tuned for… the next idea!
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