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In the kitchen with FunLab: Frosted sugar cookies and many other baking ideas from the FunLab archive!

In the kitchen with FunLab
The other afternoon I was desperate for something to do with my daughter – other than argue about homework and video lessons?. The extended quarantine and closed schools has created a lot of stress in our little house. She loves to make and eat sugar cookies so I decided that it was time to bring out an old family favorite – Sugar Hearts. We actually published this recipe for frosted sugar cookies almost 9 years ago! Definitely an oldie but goodie!

This post contains ONE recipe with three great decorating options.

While digging around in the blog I found so many of my family’s favorite American treats that I decided to suggest a couple of other great recipes that children really love to make and and EAT!  Here are the top FOUR:

NUMBER 1: Chocolate chip cookies! You can’t go wrong with these cookies. It doesn’t matter how fast you make them the cookies just keep disappearing!

In the kitchen with FunLab

NUMBER 2: Lion cupcakes! The best part of this recipe is the fun that the kids have decorating their cupcakes.

In the kitchen with FunLab

NUMBER 3: Blueberry buckle! Besides loving blueberries, my family really enjoys having this wonderful breakfast cake to enjoy before starting our quarantine enforced homeschooling.

NUMBER 4: Berry delight – the American crostata! The sweet and tangy raspberry fruit bar is a great addition to your afternoon snack options.

I hope that you try out one of our favorite recipes and that they sweeten your time at home during the COVID quarantine.

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