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I is for indian (headdress)

I is for Indian
We have started the FunLab courses for the 2018-2019 school year! A signature part of teaching Bilingual Phonics in FunLab classes is the incorporation of a sound related craft project. “I” is never an easy sound – we have done ink and insects but this year I decided to try indian. Our little students had a great time reviewing colors and putting together their I is for INDIAN (headdresses). We add the craft project at the end of the lesson and walk the children step by step (IN ENGLISH) through putting together the headdress. The kids need to ask for what they need next – for example, “yellow feather, please”. The rest is just about having fun! The kids loved wearing these I is for INDIAN headdresses and the craft project turned out to be a great addition to our I class.

You will need:

Colored craft paper

Let’s get started making I is for indian headdresses:

Cut out three feathers per child – one red, one yellow and one blue.
I is for indian (headdress)

Prepare the head bands – make two holes at the opposite ends and add an elastic thread.
I is for indian (headdress)

Glue on the three different feathers.
I is for indian (headdress)

Remember that preparing all the material is advance is a key part of the lesson being a success!
Wear and and have fun learning!
Take care

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