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Homemade toys: a fuzzy lady bug

Some activities from the past have been able to keep their appeal, for example: tricotin. Using a red tube we will create a wool ladybug, discover how it is done and make one with us!!

What you need to make a ladybug

1 tube of red wool around 60 cm long
1 polystyrene ball
1 black pompom
2 google eyes
1 black pine cleaner
small black balls
1 pin
craft glue

Let’s get started

1. Attach one end of the red tube to the ball using a pin.

2. Wrap and glue the red tube to the polystyrene ball.

3. Add the black pompom and pipe cleaner.

3. Glue on the eyes and the black balls on the back of the ladybug.

Our ladybug is done! Now it is ready to be played with.

The “tricotin” is a tool used by grandmothers to create tight knitted tubes. It is a great craft for “modern” kids because it is an activity that relaxes as well as focusing the attention. It allows children to understand the art of knitting. There are mechanical “tricotin” as well as those that are done by hand. We advise that you use a hand held “tricotin” with your kids – just like the one that grandmother used to use. If you don’t know how to use one, you can find instructions at Pane, amore e creatività in one of my articles which includes an illustrated tutorial.

Linda di Pane, amore e creatività

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