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Homemade masks with built in filters – Tutorial with five easy steps

We have been in complete quarantine for more than 15 days and I have never had a mask for COVID19. They have always been sold out and I was never lucky enough to find one. To be completely honest, psychologically speaking, I would feel better if I had a mask to wear. I know that the masks need a filter to be effective, they don’t completely protect from infection and that COVID19 positive people are the ones who should be wearing the masks. Even knowing all that, I would just feel better for my trip to the supermarket, the only place that we are able to go during these days of lockdown, IF I HAD A MASK ON! This morning everyone at the supermarket was wearing a mask!

My dear friend Barbara, she is capable of doing just about everything, came to my assistance in my search for a mask. Yesterday evening she started to mass produce


I asked to her create a tutorial so that our followers could do the same at home. Here is the great instructions that she put together for us! Thank you so much Barbara.

The FunLab Blog has always been a blog dedicated to arts and crafts and these

COVID19 handmade masks

are completely in line with the interest of our readers. There are many other easy tutorials available online but this one closes really well on the top (around the nose-thanks to the aluminum foil form) and the bottom because of their length.

Follow the steps and you will put together these masks in no time:

1) Cut a piece of fabric with a dense weave 22 cm by 42 cm (including the 0,5 cm for the hem) and fold in half.


2) mark the pleating lines on the pattern (the red lines which are every 3 cm starting 4,5 cm from the top of the fabric). Transfer the pleat line to your precut fabric.


3) fold the pleats and hold in place using pins – you should have created 4, cut the elastic or cording (30/35 cm for cording and 20 cm for elastic) and insert between the two pieces of fabric and fit up into the fold of the fabric at the top.


4) sew up the two sides, if you would like to add the form of the nose – roll a piece of aluminium foil around a piece of wire it should be around 10 cm long.


5) Insert the nose form between the two layers in the center of the mask and block in place sewing around it. Measure your face and decide how long you want the mask to be – sew the bottom of the mask closed. To finish up, attach two buttons on the bottom sides of the mask, measure your cording to fit your face and tie a loop knot to hook over the buttons.

ALL DONE! Our COVID19 homemade masks are ready to wear. You can insert different types of filters between your face and the mask so that if you feel safer with another level of protection you can modify the masks easily. Remember: #iorestoacasa and #celapossiamofare. I am sure that this experience will teach us a lot, we have all united to fight against this invisible enemy: not a man (thank goodness) but a virus. They are the only true battles that need to be fought to win this war! #love

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