Homemade CALLA LILLIES inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe

The striking image of a calla lilly as portrayed by Georgia O’Keeffe in “Calla Lilly in Tall Glass n.11” seemed like a great piece to use to introduce different shapes to our group of kids at the Language through Art summer camp. I was a little worried about having the kids reproduce such a difficult piece when I ran across a post at Krokotak that was just what we needed! When I pulled out the materials required to create the flower the kids all started to giggle but then when their flowers started to come together they were tickled pink with the result. Come see how we did it!

Age: 5 to 10 years og age
Word development: petals, pointy, round, oval, long, short, vase, three, collage, watercolors, stem, q-tip, cotton pad, straw, hot glue, paint brush

You will need:
Cotton Pads
Green Straws
Watercolor paper
Hot glue
Colored scrapbook paper
Yellow Paint

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Paint a piece of watercolor paper with your color of choice.
Step 2: Paint the end of a q-tip with yellow paint.








Step 3: Insert into a green straw and wrap with a cotton pad. Glue in place.








Step 4: Glue three flowers onto the previously painted watercolor paper.





Step 5: Cover base of stems with piece of colored paper making a collage vase.

Your reprodution of the O’keeffe orignal is now complete. Would you ever have thought that a round cotton pad could be turned into a flower petal?

take care

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