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Home made toys: paper sandwiches!

I always have a good time in the kitchen with the kids! One of my kids’ favorite pass times is imitating Mom hard at work in the kitchen; preparing food, arranging it on the plates and cooking in their toy pots and pans – they never get tired of it! For this reason, yesterday while relaxing at home, we decided to create one of our favorite dishes: piadina!

We had lots of paper in the house so we decided to recreate the ingredients that we need to fill the piadina cutting them out of paper.   

Here is what the end result looks like:

From a yellow sheet we cut out an oval which became the bread for our piadina. Then from a white sheet, we cut out concentric circes for our onions. Instead from yellow and orange paper, we made peppers (they look like little butterflies). Red paper become circles for tomatoes and pink ovals for our ham.

The best part was making the lettuce for the sandwich: fold a green oval like a fan and it will give your piadina a little bit of volume.

Another idea

In keeping with the “food” theme, we used a toy provided by FunLab: the restaurant. A suitcase where kids will find everything needed to play (apron, napkins, plates, menu, credit card…): just like in a real restaurant they can invite Mom, Dad and friends to the table for a tasty treat!

Here is the link:

Have fun making all sorts food out of paper.  With a little bit of imagination and a couple of pieces of paper, you can make lots of yummy plates!

Linda (Pane, amore e creatività)

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