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Holiday Potpourri – exploring the aromas of Christmas

Holiday Potpourri - exploring the aromas of Christmas
The scents of cinnamon and orange can transport me to Christmas no matter what time of the year I smell them. We have never done a craft project dedicated to exploring the sense of smell but here we go. We already had cinnamon sticks, cloves and small oranges in the house so the prep work was easy. Read on to see how we made HOLIDAY POTPOURRI while exploring the aromas of Christmas!

I covered the kid’s eyes with a blind. They smelled each of the three different scents – cinnamon, cloves and orange. The unique citric aroma of the orange immediately filled the kitchen and was easy to identify. They didn’t really care for the stringent cloves but cinnamon was a hit. After we finished discovering the three scents, we covered the small orange with cloves. We strung a string through the orange and added the cinnamon thus creating our own HOLIDAY POTPOURRI which we could hang in the kitchen and enjoy during these weeks before Christmas.

Holiday Potpourri-exploring the aromas of Christmas

Easy, fun and no mess. Can’t go wrong with this one!

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