Holiday Lap book – Halloween

Holiday Lap Book - Halloween

I hope everyone is having a wonderful autumn. After more than two years, this fall finally feels like we are getting back to normal. No masks at school and parties are back in full swing! The FunLab team decided to dedicate time in our year long classes to each of the holidays that we are so excited to getting back to celebrating. I would like to share with the FunLab readers the first holiday in our Holiday Lap Book – Halloween! We used the Big Shot cutter to create all the shapes for the pages but you can also use photocopies. You will need the following material:

Red folders – one per child – each page folded in half length wise

Images – bat, witch, ghost, pumpkin, haunted house, leaf, web and spider

You will need to print out one cover per child. We took the time to colour the cover page! The next step was to introduce the Halloween vocabulary. We used flashcards (provided above) and played fun games including memory match and take a picture. For little kids, I suggest that you use flashcards with two images to be matched. In order to win the point, the kids need to say the word in English. Once the kids have learned the vocabulary, move on to creating the page. For older children, we provided word cards which the kids had to sort to the image on the Halloween page. I suggest that you watch the video to see how cute it turns out.

If you download the Holiday Subtitles file you will see what holidays were are preparing for in the next months! Stay tuned for more.

keep crafting

Alison and the FunLab team

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