Here come the ducks! Kokoro Paper Art

During these long days of red zone, I have had time to discover new crafting techniques. Once I saw the adorable little animals that you can make using the Kokoro paper art technique, I realised that I had to try it out. The idea to make the Here come the ducks post was easy – it is almost Easter! I love all the adorable little characters that we use to decorate for Easter – ducks, bunnies and Easter baskets are just a few. In order to get started with your Kokoro ducks, you only need scissors, glue and colorful corrugated cardboard (buy here from Amazon). We had a great time putting together this post dedicated to Kokoro Paper Art with our version: Here come the ducks!

It was my first time to try out Kokoro Paper Art so I wan’t sure how wide to cut the strips of paper. I tried the 1/4 and 1/2 sizes.

Kokoro paper art - Here come the ducks.

The trick to getting the circles you need to create Kokoro paper art creatures is to roll them as tightly as possible.

Kokoro paper art - Here come the ducks.

I created a large circle made of multiple strips for the body and a small circle for the head. I used orange paper to cut out the duck parts for our “Here comes the duck” Kokoro paper art project.

Kokoro paper art - Here come the ducks.

Glue the pieces together to make the first duck! Oh, yeah. I forgot that you need google eyes. Click here to find them.

Kokoro paper art - Here come the ducks.

I ended up using the thinner (1/4 inch) strips to make ducklings! We put together an adorable little duck family for our Easter table dedicated to Here come the Ducklings!

Kokoro paper art - Here come the ducks.

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Try it out and send us some pictures


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