Happy Mother’s Day!

What could be better than a simple bunch of flowers as a present for Mother’s Day? We used an idea that I found on Family Fun that coverts a traced hand into a sweet bouquet of flowers. I adapted the leaves a little bit to make them easier for the kids to cut out but otherwise they are really easy to make. They are also a fun keepsake to remind you of how small their hands used to be.

You will need:

Green straws Yellow chenille stems White card stock
Green tissue paper Stapler Tape
Scissors Pencil

Step 1: Trace child’s hand on white paper. Cut out. Fold a chenille stem in half. Curl down the tops of the chenille stem so that it looks like the center of a lilly.
Step 2: Insert the folded end of the chenile stem into the top of the straw. Wrap the hand print around the top of the straw and staple the bottom to hold in place.
Step 3: Cut out two leaves from the green tissue paper. Wrap around the bottom of the flower and tape.
Step 4: Repeat two more times for a total of three flowers. We tied the bouquet together with a left over piece of paper twist.

Here is an example of what a finished flower should look like:

I have to admit that I am hoping for some chocolates…..

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