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Happy Halloween Kids! Make a haunted house with Linda

Halloween is coming! Pumpkins, spiders and ghosts are getting ready to start popping up everywhere. To make our kids, who love anything that is spooky, happy we will make a haunted house! A black house that is inhabited by black, hairy spiders. To make the house, we will use an empty cereral box: a project that combines recycling and creativity!

You will need

1 empty cereal box
black paint
orange tissue paper
glue, scissors and paint brushes
downloadable haunted house template

Let’s get started

Download the house template (here) and cut it out.

Open the cereal box up and trace the house template using a pencil.

Cut out the house and paint it back and front with black acrylic paint. Do not add water as it will wet the cardboard box too much and render it unusable.

When the paint is dry, glue orange tissue paper over the window openings.

Your house is now ready!

Friday we will show you how to make spiders so that you can make your haunted house even more spooky in time for Halloween! Remember not to miss our weekly craft sessions!

Linda from Pane, amore e creatività


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