Halloween with kids: MUMMIES!

Three mummies wander around our house at night. Their eyes look at us threateningly… but…, they are our Halloween mummies!

An easy project that can be done with even the smallest of artists.  They are made out of trash –  yes, another recycling project – and they create the perfect atmosphere for a creepy holiday!!

Discover how to make them with your kids!  

You will need

white milk bottles
white crepe paper
google eyes (big)
terra cotta colored acrylic paint

How to make them

Cut off the top of the bottles with a pair of scissors.

Take the big roll of crepe paper and cut it into smaller rolls that are around 3 cm each. You will need one per bottle.

Start to cover the bottom of the bottle with glue and crepe paper.

Once you have covered the bottom, start to wrap the rest of the bottle.  Glue the crepe paper so that it sticks to the bottle.

Add google eyes.  Glue on the eyes and add another piece of crepe paper so that they are partially covered.  

Dirty your mummie’s wrappings using a brush dipped in acrylic paint.

Now your mummy is done!  Have fun making a crowd of these guys.

Linda from Pane, amore e creatività

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