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Halloween with kids: how to make pipe cleaner spiders

For Halloween this year, we have made spiders, black and hairy creatures that live in our haunted house. They are easy to make and lots of fun!

In this post, we will show you how we made them using two different techniques: in the first system, we only use pipe cleaners and in the second we add a soft pompom…

Which one is your favorite?


Halloween pipe cleaner kit

craft glue and scissors

How to make pipe cleaner spiders:

Take two purple pipe cleaners to make the legs and two black ones to make the body of the spider.

Bend the purple pipe cleaners in half and then cut into 4 pieces.

Wrap the black pipe cleaners around your finger in order two create a compact ball.

Slip the legs of the spider through the body of the spider (through the hole that was left by your finger).

Wrap the purple legs in in the middle so that they stay hooked together. Open them up and bend them so that your spider stands up.

Use the craft glue to glue on two eyes.

Second tutorial for making spiders out of piper cleaners and pompoms

Take two pipe cleaners and cut in half so that you have the 4 legs of the spider.

Wrap them around each other in the middle so that they stay hooked together and then open the legs up a little bit.

Glue one of the big pompoms over the middle of the piper cleaner legs, this is the body of your spider. Add the head and then the nose!

Once your spider is done, you can decorate it with balls, stars and moons as well as google eyes!

Have Fun!!!

Linda Pane, amore e creatività

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