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Halloween craft: Trick or Treat Pumpkin

When I first came to live in Italy in 1999, Halloween was almost unheard of even in a big city like Milan.  Real orange pumpkins for carving were almost impossible to find except in expensive fruit stands and Halloween accessories could not be found anywhere.  This year I was amazed to see how Halloween has become popular!  I was even able to buy a pumpkin at the street market for 2 euro.  The other evening passing by a store window my children saw a plastic pumpkin that American kids use when they go trick or treating on Halloween evening they yelled out, “Just like they use in the movies!”.  At which point I decided that we needed to import the trick or treat tradition.  Here is a cute way to reuse plastic containers turning them into TRICK OR TREAT PUMPKINS!   We are going to load ours up with candies and take them to school to share with friends on Halloween day.

You will need:
Plastic containers (I used an ice cream bucket)
Orange tissue paper
Lamination glue
Black craft foam
Green tape

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Completely cover the plastic container with layers of orange tissue paper using the lamination glue.

Step 2: Cover the handle with green tape.

Step 3: Cut out a eyes, nose and mouth from craft foam and glue onto the pumpkin.

Fill candy and enjoy!


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