5 Top Craft Blogs and their back to school ideas

One of my favorite ways to relax is to spend some time looking around the blog community to see what is going on outside of the FunLab world. Recently, due to a lack of time, I found myself going to the same 4 or 5 sites.  The other evening I had a little bit of precious free time and decided that I needed a change and stumbled upon 5 different fantastic creative blogs with unique back to school projects that I would like to highlight today:

1. Art projects for kids by KATHY BARBRO with her colorful decorated pencils

2. Fem Manuals with these silly book marks

3. Make it and Love it by Ashely with her girl’s pencil case

4. Zaffa Life by Jessica Okui with two posts so cute that I could not decide which one to use so I will insert both:

her London Double decker bus (can you believe it is made out of a tick tack box!)

and Google eye pins:

5. Curly Birds with these school slippers

After browsing through these beautiful sites I wanted to start at least 10 different projects. Check them out – I guarantee that it is worth spending some of the all too precious down time on these creative gurus.

Take care

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