GIFT TOPPERS: Snowflakes made with Perler beads and an EMBOSSER!

Ok. I know there is nothing original about Perler beads BUT Perler beads have never been my favorite craft material. This said by a self proclaimed craftaholic. My problem with Perler beads has always been two fold. First of all, the little beads are difficult to control. Second, when I ironed the beads I either under-iron them and the creation falls apart as soon as the kids start to handle them or I over-iron them and the beads fuse into a generic shape. This season I have been looking at all these great gift topper ideas using Perler beads so I decided to give them another chance. BUT… I decided to try to use them with my embosser instead of the iron. I have to admit that my biggest doubt about using the embosser was that it would melt the plastic support that you use under the Perler beads to create your design. IT WORKED! I was able to create the lacey snowflakes that I had in mind to put on my Christmas presents this year. It takes a little longer than the iron but the end result is wonderful.

You will need:
Hama/Perler beads (white)
Parchment paper

You do not really need a tutorial for this project. Place your beads on the plastic support.

Place parchement paper over the beads. Turn embosser on high setting. Emboss until the beads start to soften. Then gently press so the beads attach to each other. Once this is completed let cool. Turn over and remove from the plastic support. Emboss until the beads on the reverse side are well connected. Let cool.

We then added a little bit of gold thread to the snowflakes and attached attached them to the first gifts which were ready to be decorated.

Look at the difference between the beads when iron (on right) and those which were fused using an embosser (on left)!

It is decided we will be doing embossed Perler bead Christmas decorations at the next FunLab Holiday Event!
Try it out and let us know how it goes for you!

P.S. Teachers this is a great holiday project with and equally great detail – Perler beads are not expensive:). LOW COST AND EASY!

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