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Get reading with orange level phonics readers

Working at home or in class with beginner readers? Make sure you check out this post! I have been working with Jolly Phonics for years both in FunLab Workshop classes and as a trainer. One weak spot has always been that you had to teach the 42 sounds and 11 tricky words before you could get your students into books (RED LEVEL READERS). Well, Jolly Phonics Learning has fixed the problem! The publication of the ORANGE LEVEL PHONICS READERS allow you to start reading with your students after ONLY 6 sounds! For each group of 6 sounds there are 3 books for a total of 21 books.

orange level readers Jolly phonics

The first books are quite simplistic but as soon as you get more sounds the stories start to get more interesting. This is a great tool in the English as a second language classroom because it helps your students gradually move into more difficult phonics and reading comprehension at the same time.

Students always get a huge kick out of reading in English – this way they can have satisfaction after just a couple of lessons. The books are available on our site. A must have to complete your phonic reader library.

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