Georgia O’Keeffe – 5 projects inspired by beauty

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.”
Georgia O’Keeffe

This week of our summer camp was inspired by the reknown artist who dedicated her career to discovering the beauty of details – taking the time to turn simple parts of nature into a “friend”. I choose 4 pieces to devolop using the Language through Art method – each O’keeffe masterpiece was then recreated FunLab style!¬† The fifth project dedicated to shapes was a huge hit – sun fotography! Come discover the fun!

Project 1: Red Poppy inspired by “Red Poppy” (1927). This mixed media project was a hit because the results were awsome. Click here for tutorial.

Project 2: Cupcake flower garden inspired by “Mariposa Lillies and Indian Paintbrush” (1944). Cupcake liners come in all colors and sizes. Try out some patterned ones for different results. Even smaller kids are able to create a colorful mutlilayer garden. Click here for tutorial.

Project 3: Crafty Calla Lillies inspired by “Calla Lilly in a tall glass“. This was almost more a craft project rather than art – which means I loved it:).

Project 4: Petunia Pendent inspired by “Petunia” (1925).¬† I did not write a tutorial for this project because it is sooooo easy. We used marker tops as stamps to create a simple flower shape on a disk of air drying modeling clay. Then we painted it and voila our Petunia pendant was ready to wear!¬† This project was part of the “color shades” lesson.

Project 5: Sun Photography Leaf Shapes. While working on the different projects, we realized that the children always tended to draw a generic shape for a leaf. We decided to have them take a closer look at different leaf shapes by taking a snap shot using sun paper. All you have to do is expose the paper, develop and water and your photography session is complete!  We used mint, rosemary, rose and ivy leaves as our models.  Sun paper can be bought online.

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