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Thinking outside the box is necessary for teaching English as a second language. It can’t all be about grammar books! This has been the driving force behind FunLab Workshop‘s approach to teaching English. What if you held English lessons in spaces which were traditionally not considered to be for children? What if you taught English by having your students” live an experience”? Well, FunLab is trying it out.

Our first approach to the “live the experience” concept has been in collaboration with the REVE Concept store in downtown Milano. This little jewel of a flower boutique has created a space for us to hold novel English teaching experiences! We held the most recent workshop at the end of November and was entitled “Sugar and Spice. Here we merged the autumn elements of mini apples, acorns and pinecones with the upcoming excitement around the holiday season.

November workshop by FunLab

The workshop consist in one hour and half of speaking in English, where we explore the vocabulary and we create a craft project! There are a variety of prompts that let the children to feel confortable to interact with the teachers in English.

Interested in joining the fun? We have already published the spring 2023 calendar you can block a place in advance click here. Each workshop only hosts 6 students in order to guarantee a full interaction with the teacher. Curious? If you want to see how the unique workshop in action take a look at this short video!

This summer the adventure will continue will all new learn English by living the experience adventures into the rich Italian countryside. Stay tuned for more information regarding our upcoming events!

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