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FunLab Witches – a wooden spoon craft

FunLab Witches - classic spoon craft
Which witch is which? One good thing about being packrat is that I save everything – even old craft projects. This summer during my craft box purge, I ran across a project that I did almost 9 years ago when Donatella and I first started the FunLab adventure. I found the FUNLAB WITCHES – a wooden spoon craft. I had used wooden spoons and craps of yarn and felt to make two witches. The question is: “Which one is me and which one is Donatella?” Nine years (and a lot of gray hair) later I thought it would be a great moment to publish this FunLab antique. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all the FunLab readers. Thanks for your loyal support during these past years. ?

You will need:
wooden spoons
my craft box ?

Wrap a wooden spoon with colored embroidery floss. We alternated colors in honor of our favorite witch “WINNIE THE WITCH”
FunLab Witches - classic spoon craft

In order to make witch hair using yarn which you unravel.
FunLab Witches - classic spoon craft

We made a skirt out of black felt and slipped it onto the spoon.
FunLab Witches - classic spoon craft

Now for the fun part! Just glue on the hair you made, add a face and a hat! You witch is done.
FunLab Witches - classic spoon craft

Happy Halloween
Alison (e Donatella, the witch-est ?)

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