FunLab sponsors the WWF EARTH HOUR Event!

This post kicks off the start of a collaboration between FunLab and WWF.  For frequent readers of FunLab’s posts, you already know we love projects that use recycled material – an important method of teaching conservation and respect for the environment. One of my favorite ways of starting a workshop is putting a mountain of used bottles, egg cartons, cardboard boxes or plastic containers in the middle of the craft area and asking the kids a simple question:  “What is all this stuff?”. For those who have never attended a FunLab workshop, there is usually a moment of silence as they all think “trash?”.  For the FunLab gang, however, the “trash” represents hours of crafting fun!  Plastic bottles turn into lions, egg cartons and cardboxes into snowmen…. my motto being “don’t throw it away – transform it into something else“:)

Take a moment to look at the ambitious WWF event being held March 31st in Italy.  EARTH HOUR, “il grande evento globale WWF per il clima che, prendendo spunto dal gesto simbolico di spegnere le luci di monumenti e luoghi simbolo, coinvolge cittadini, istituzioni e imprese in azioni concrete per dare al mondo un futuro sostenibile e vincere la sfida del cambiamento climatico.”

So here is the FunLab challenge.  Saturday March 31st from 20.30 to 21.30 turn off the lights.  See what buildings are participating with the event in your city!


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