FunLab Art Soup: Creative Warhol project

art soup final
What summer Art camp would be complete without a week dedicated to Andy Warhol? In fact, we explored one of the pop art king’s most famous creations – Campbell’s Soup Cans! This 1962 masterpiece showed the 32 varieties of soup available! Our goal was for everychild to come up with their own kind of creative soup – ours, obviously, was ART SOUP!

You will need:
watercolor paper
lamination glue
red tissue paper
white tissue paper
Liquid metal markers
Liquid metal acrylic paint

Age: 5 to 10 years old
Word Development: can, soup, top, bottom, metal, white, red, glue, paint brush, half, cover, outline, cylinder, silver, details

Let’s get started:
Step 1: Draw two circles on your watercolor paper. Connect the two circles with two lines in order to draw a cyclinder.

Step 2: Cover top half with red paper and lamination glue. The bottom half needs to be covered with white tissue paper. Let dry. Paint top with silver acrylic paint. Color outline using silver metallic marker.

Step 3: Add details to top with black marker.

Step 4: Personalize with 3-D outliners and glitter glue.
art soup final

Your SOUP is now ready!
have fun

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