FunLab Product Review: ROCK PET (OWL) by ALEX BRANDS

If you read the FunLab blog you will know that painting rocks is not new to us:). From cars to fruit, we have done it! When the ROCK PET creative kit by ALEX BRANDS arrived in the FunLab store I was excited to try it out. My kids are older than the recommended 5 years on the box but I figured it would be a fun afternoon project. The kit contains a synthetic rock in the shape of an owl, a brush and 6 colors of acrylic paint in easy to close pots. I gave the kids three rules to follow:

1. They had to do one color at a time and wash the brush between colors. OKAY. I am paranoid.
2. I also asked them to let me a take a picture between each addition of color.
3. They needed to challenge themselves – I wanted to see if they could create something that looked like the owl on the package.  There is nothing I hate more than creative kits which look great on the package but when you open the box to try it out it doesn’t work!

We put all the pictures together to make a short video to show how we transformed our plain rock into a colorful owl! I would say that this kit deserves a FunLab ?. The acrylic paints covered well, the brush allowed us to give the owl the details we wanted and the end product looks pretty GOOD!

Try it out and let us know if you like it!

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